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What to Read to Cope with Winter

Most people hate the idea of winter. They find the cold, snow, and general misery unbearable. It is hard to come across anyone who loves it. There are some quotes about winter you can read to feel better. These are designed to put some perspective on the season, or to make fun of it simply. Here goes!

“I Like These Cold, Gray Winter Days. Days Like These Let You Savor a Bad Mood”-Bill Watterson. This deals more with acceptance and preparing for the worst to come.

“There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Inappropriate Clothing”-Ranulph Fiennes. It touches on the preparedness you have to put in place to cope with the bad times.

“Winter Is Not a Season; It’s an Occupation”-Sinclair Lewis. You get to learn that winter needs a lot of work to get through. But in the most humorous fashion.

“The Problem With Winter Sports Is That-Follow Me Closely Here-They Generally Take Place in the Winter”-Dave Barry. This points to the fun you get from some of the winter activities. You shall, however, discover more fun from them if you keep to watching them from the warmth of your house.

“There Are Only Two Seasons, Winter and
Baseball”-Bill Veeck. This shall have you push through the miserable times.

“Winter Is Much Like Unrequited Love, Cold and Merciless”-Kellie Elmore. This delivers the realistic picture of the season, but gently.

“A Lot of People Like Snow. I Find It to Be an Unnecessary Freezing of Water”-Carl Reiner. You will now get to appreciate the fact that kids and some other people can enjoy winter.

“Hot Coffee and Cold Winter Mornings Are Two of the Best Soul Mates Who Ever Did Find Each Other”-Terri Guillemets. This focuses on the small joys of keeping warm during winter.

“Winter Must Be Cold for Those With No Warm Memories”-Deborah Kerr. You can see that all of us are in the same boat.

“To Keep a Warm Heart in Winter Is the Real Victory”-Marty Rubin. You shall see the need to stay positive in these trying times.

“There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Soft People”-Bill Bowerman. This takes a jab at your sensitivities.

“I Love the Scent of Winter. I Love the Scent of Winter Enough to Suffer the Cold for It”-Tiffany Reisz. This reaffirms the idea that even those who like the season do so in small doses.

“My Mother Used to Always Say: Summer Friends Will Melt Away Like Summer Snows, But Winter Friends Are Friends Forever”-George R.R. Martin. You shall thus know who your true friends are.

“Summer Is For Surrendering. Winter Is For Wondering”-Debasish Mridha. You have something to give you some hope.

“Winter Is Nature’s Way of Saying, Up Yours”-Robert Byrne. Many of us take its literal meaning to heart.

There is no stopping winter from coming. These quotes shall help you have a tougher mind to deal with it. You can access more info to read about coping mechanism on our site and blog here.